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Dirty Laundry Podcast Load #151 - Cyrano de Burpgerac
April 15, 2014 02:03 PM PDT
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It sure seems like The Agitator is working for the Missouri Department of Tourism this week. Our lady of blessed acceleration (Cha Cha) who was St. Louis anyway? It has been officially decided, speaking of Saints, that The Pope is truly a stand-up guy. Is all of this religious talk dangerous like they say? It's okay because Cha Cha is Catholicish. Since when does this show follow the rules? The new film NOAH shows that the big man upstairs has a sense of humor - at least in Exeter, England. How did Cha Cha and The Agitator got second row seats at the taping of a big-time radio show (Agitator truly has the face for radio and podcasting). If you are a lady looking for work in the entertainment industry you will hear here how to use your special skills to land a national advertising gig. We play some great music from a new artist to the show this week. We have been very lucky at finding great music by great people on this show since the beginning. War has been declared on America's Heartland! Wouldn't it be great if working past 6PM was illegal? For some of you this may be only days away. You will be amazed at what Rob Lowe and The Agitator have in common (besides the sex tapes). Is college football close to "better working conditions?" Cha Cha calls Agitator a jerk and he agrees (he has no defense). If your kids attend Chicago Public Schools you may want to move the the suburbs - find out why this week! Cha Cha has found a Republican politician that she likes - sincerely! So much more but you probably already stopped reading and hit play already. If not, push play already!

Dirty Laundry Load #150 - The Oligarchy!
April 05, 2014 10:57 AM PDT
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Did you ever want to know what fruzin frote is? Well, you're gonna find out anyway. Cha Cha and The Agitator must be hungry; there is a lot of food talk in show #150. You had better get your Mexican food fix now before it's too late. A new producer may be born and her name is SIRI. Find out who has their tight pants on. Learn about oligarchies. Whatigarchies? Listener mail steers the show in a direction that most American will find horrifying - GYM TEACHERS! AHHHHHHHHH. Is there a new gay member of Veggie Tales - there is if Agitator has something to say about it! There is a Cornell University study that Cha Cha and The Agitator don't see quite eye-to-eye with (that will be funny when you listen to the show). A resident of Douche Bag County takes one step closer to having his likeness added to Mount Douchemore. Who gets a Stay of Douchecution? Why did Cha Cha buy a bullet? There is lots lots more but it is on a need-to-listen-to basis so... PUSH PLAY AND LISTEN ALREADY because you NEED to know! Please?

Dirty Laundry Load #149 - The April Fools are Back!
March 30, 2014 04:00 PM PDT
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You'd expect The Agitator to say "that breast in enormous" but it has a different feel (no pun intended) coming from Cha Cha. Are you ready for April Fools' Day? We provide you with some harmless pranks that you can play on your family and friends. These are subtle ones that they won't expect until you've already got them. Does America really need another National Holiday? Surprising to The Agitator, Cha Cha is all for this one. Now that we have Mount Douchemore what state of the Union would Cha Cha have it erected? Does Douchebag County have a public school now? What in the heck are micro-climates? Lots more of your mail this week (thank you very much!). Another great song by Jim Bianco. Can you believe this is the start of the fourth season already? It was three years ago today that Load #1 was uploaded. It is still available on iTunes and Podomatic if you want to see how little a show can evolve in three years (actually, we have changed quite a bit). And, look at that fantastic new drawing from The Lost Sock! That is all we talk about this week - APRIL FOOLS! We talk about LOTS more...

Dirty Laundry Load # 148 - Mount Douchemore
March 25, 2014 12:31 PM PDT
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Is somebody stealing the show's ideas to put into practical use? Are we really making a difference in the world? Mount Douchemore is suggested in some listener mail this week and we already have two heads on the monument; surprisingly, they are not Cha Cha and The Agitators! Speaking of mail, we read a lot more of your listener mail than usual this week. It has been decided that if we read your mail on the air you can now change your job resume' to show that you are a producer of Dirty Laundry Podcast. Also, please list your gender on your mail - Agitator isn't that bright. Where in the world is Chiungwiza? How much would you charge for your virginity? Cha Cha makes an observation - "white people suck!" Find out what television show Agitator is watching again after giving up on it forever (nothing is forever). This is a television show that Cha Cha agrees is good (they agree?). How are we helping the world? There is a "locally famous" person who wants to be on the show. The Agitator has always said that anybody would make a good guest on the show; did he finally find someone that he would NOT want on the shoe (not a mis-type). DON'T BE POLITE! Hear a great version of a song that you most likely already know. Fair warning - The Agitator still has not learned that he cannot sing worth a hoot. That should get you started. If we listed everything this would be a blog and not a podcast. Come on in!

Dirty Laundry Load #147 - Cheese with Our Whine Would Be Nice, Yes!
March 15, 2014 03:22 PM PDT
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President of the United States of America Barack Obama is on the show this week (sort of, kind of, in a way). Why in the heck does The Agitator think Cha Cha dislikes Dennis Hopper? Cha Cha reveals the worst thing that Kenny Rogers ever did (allegedly). Quite a few new residents of Douche Bag County have moved in. Find out what is keeping the entire state of Iowa out of the County. Cha Cha gets fired from the show on-air again this week. The Agitator reveals his rare talent of reviewing wines without tasting them and Cha Cha introduces her new wine rating system. Speaking of wine, FOUR wines are reviewed this week and YES, we would like some cheese with our whine. What is the deal with prejudice against cannibals? Three movie reviews to watch with your wine and cheese. Have we become a show that just reviews things? Listener mail is tackled. Be careful, you just may walk away a bit more cultured after listening to Load #147 (no cheese pun intented). Jump on in!

Dirty Laundry Load #146 - Punishment By Transportation
March 12, 2014 09:27 AM PDT
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This week you'll get to hear The Agitator try to teach himself Italian and find out what has Cha Cha tongue-tied. Who does a Kiefer Sutherland impression. Find out how you can win a free movie. Why doesn't Agitator live in Grand Rapids? You will find out who the newest residents of Douche Bag Country are. THREE wine reviews this week. You'll never guess who gets a case of the giggles. Besides a banjo on the knee you'll find out what is illegal to wear in Alabama. There is so much more that this could go on all day but it would be easier just for you to listen already.

Dirty Laundry Load #145 - Just Be Nice!
February 27, 2014 08:15 PM PST
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What's the deal with old white people? Hey, wait a minute, we resemble that question. The World keeps spinnin' and old men die. If there is freedom of choice is marriage forever? Why would you not vote for someone who "votes for the people?' Once you hear the answer you will wonder why this person isn't the first recipient of our new club "Doucebag of the County." There is gold in them thar hills and walking your dog could make you rich. The Laundry Gang makes their Oscar predictions. What the Hell is the deal with KISS? Is The Agitator really a boring, stupid mope? Why does Cha Cha cry this week? Have you ever hear of Phetchabun? You will this week. A song by the great grandchildren of one of the most famous hit-makers in HISTORY! Is it an honor to get your name mispronounced by The Agitator? Who does Cha Cha call "The Militant Cat?" There is some much more that it will make your tumbler spin (we read some of your listener mail)... Are you hear to read all day? what the heck are you waiting for - push play already.

Dirty Laundry Podcast Load #144 - Extremely Worldly
February 22, 2014 03:10 PM PST
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What is going on? Why is Dirty Laundry Podcast so popular in one specific country this week? Will you be as surprised as we were to find out which country is so fascinated with these goofballs? Cha Cha doesn't even listen to the show while she is helping to create it but this nation cannot get enough. A great new song from a new group (new to the show that is). If you have HBO you may have heard them both but, even if you don't have HBO you'll hear them now. And, you will love them as much as we do or double your money back (that's easy to say when the show is free). What is the deal with bringing dogs into stores? This is totally specieist. Do you know who was have thought to have been the World's first wine drinker? Can a World-wide wine reviewer guess? Why is The Agitator used to sitting on his balls (get your mind out of the gutter). That was not an intentional bowling pun. Which American state now allows discrimination legally and which other state cannot even seem to get along with itself? Hear what The Agitator recommends you DO NOT DO. He is one to try just about anything so this one must be doozie. You will also hear how easy it is to get Cha Cha excited. We read some of your mail again this week. All this and about another 55 minutes of more important stuff if you subtract the time it took to read this and download the show. Come on in.....

Dirty Laundry Load #143 - In Itself It Would Be Enough
February 18, 2014 03:25 PM PST
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What, in itself, would be enough? Cha Cha and The Agitator answer the letter from last week and read a couple of new pieces of mail this week. Learn what the essence of life is. Why did the manager have to come to the daffy duo's table on Valentine's Day? Autographs? Find out whose Black Friday was last week. Matt News and Cha Cha's whining. A movie review of a new show at the theater. What will scare the bejeezus out of you? Why does The Agitator pay his co-hostess with the mostess a dollar? A great song, of course and lots, lots more...

Dirty Laundry Load #142 - Our Dog is Offensive in Portugal?
February 11, 2014 03:30 PM PST
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We're finally back. It seems "podcasting in cars drinking water" causes the flu. We are both relatively healthy so we feel we can safely record again without getting you sick. We are always thinking about you. Maybe if Cha Cha didn't have problems with watermelon she wouldn't have gotten sick. The Agitator accidentally decides what he wants to be in the next life on this week's show. By the title of the show you probably guessed that we discovered something about our dog's name. Who would ever have guessed that Jeff Swanson would be offensive in a different part of the world? Find out why February, the shortest month on the calendar, is the one they chose as Black History Month in the United States. There are lots of television shows that are recommended as well as wines to go with them. That's right, Cha Cha's Whining recommends more that one this week; making up for lost time ? Can you drown from drinking too much? We have a story about that this week too. The great Pinocchio Cigar Smoking Conspiracy is resolved. What does The Agitator say about "you ladies?" If you're looking for a job that pays nothing and get's you no respect we have the position for you! Caligula? Really? You'll also hear why Cha Cha is a delicate flower and sooooooo much more.

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