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Dirty Laundry Load #161 - Bees or Beads?
September 13, 2014 12:27 PM PDT
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We start this show off by reading a lot of your listener mail. Does somebody really want to hear us sing again or are they goofing on us? The answer seems obvious. Cha Cha says," when we all do it, it soon gets done." Have we heard that somewhere before? Who doesn't understand sarcasm according to Cha Cha? Is the United Kingdom the conduit to other worlds? Did thousands of beads escape a truck? The Agitator cannot figure oou how beads could escape. What does "let me X-amine the Files in my head" mean? See what celebrity is trying to help stop the bullying. If you really squeeze something is that truly considered simulation (not stimulation)? The boobie squeezer simulator / breast squeezing games seems to think so. Did you know that Nessie (Loch Ness Monster) has a borther? Are we finally going to find out what Stonehenge is? Plus so much more podcast than could fit in a tanker truck full of beads.

Dirty Laundry Load #160 - The Dirty Laundry Bucket Challenge
September 01, 2014 03:51 PM PDT
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It has been a month since out last show but we have all of our kinks out and we're back in your ear. John Stewart took a month off to - copycat! Who is getting the money raised by the ALS Bucket Challenge? I am guessing you will be as upset as we are to learn the answer. You may also be surprised to find out who say "sports are dumb." Where is Kristy McNichol? Where is Jimmy McNichol? Do they live in The Dakota? We'll tell you who DOES live in The Dakota! The show is being renovated so we can sound even better for you. Yes, it IS possible. Does Agitator call somebody bitchy this week? Unbelievably, Preston Ulysses Sherwood is back and he is here with another part of the show who have not been here for awhile. It's like a reunion show of sorts! Cha Cha gives us some "Odd News." Another great song by our friends at Playing For Change. This is a song made popular again by a film of the same name. Any ideas? It's not Great Balls of Fire. We talk about Black Jesus and how he may have hated lemonade. Is Barack Obama gay? There is a celebrity that probably new Jesus that seems to think so. It comes down to Cha Cha's old saying, "This is America, you're allowed to be a dickhead!" Why are car sales down? We will tell you. Among those things we will also tell you what Swatting is and bunches and oodles more....

Dirty Laundry Podcast #159 - Troubadork/Folk Singer Eric Peter Schwartz
July 28, 2014 10:59 AM PDT
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What in the wide wide world of Dirty Laundry is a Canjo? You came to the correct place to find out! Before you hit the play button grab some citrus - otherwise you'll get Scury. Renaissance man and multi-talented entertainer Eric Peter Schwartz stops into the studio and regales us with some of his great music off of his current album Troubadork. Sadly nobody says "regales" anymore. Speaking of words, is "nerd" a bad word? Eric speaks about this for all Geekdom. Nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd is the word. Our tipservice announcement for this episode, at the request of Cha Cha, how not to get Scurvy - very valuable information in these merrytimes (who doesn't love a bad pun?) Coincidentally, Eric does an anti-Scurvy song for us (the Royal "us"). Would be prefer being an Estrada or a Catrato? EPSCHWARTZ.COM. "Australia loves us - we don't know why," Cha Cha Taking the advise of our Entertainment Director Greg Weindorf, we hit the two hour mark and we will let you hit "pause" or "stop" and come back later if you need to - it's one of the great advantages of podcasts! Of course, though The Agitator says he isn't political we do get political again. Does the show need to get on YouTube and The Vine? You are GUARANTEED to be entertained, learn something and feel better about yourself or double your money back (unless we ever decide to charge for this thing and then this offer is immediately void). We appreciate you and are happy that you keep coming back.

We're Gonna Do it Our Way!
July 07, 2014 12:53 PM PDT
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Give us our own show we'll make it, read us any rule we'll break it, we're gonna make the pocast come true, doin' it our way! Can you tellthe show has Milwaukee theme this week? Not only did Cha Cha and The Agitator go to Milwaukee this week they were also both in the hospital. Good thing we don't work at Hobby Lobby or we may be worrying about out bills right about now. Apparently podcasting is hazardous to your health - we would die for YOU! Find out what happens when Agitator ignored doctor's orders! Does Cha Cha have a new nickname for The Agitator? Another one that is! What is the deal with dessert? Do you know what the 38th largest city in the U S and A is? Here's a hint - it is not Milwaukee. Speaking of Milwaukee - did Music Director Eric Solfisburg's son discover Milwaukee? Do you know what SCOTUS is? You'll learn when you hit play! Douche Bag County has a couple of new residents maybe. Cha Cha does a "book report" this week. The Agitator gives tips on how he handles stress. Wow, that's just the tip of the iceberg backed into an hour FOR FREE!!!!

Dirty Laundry Load #157 - Vuvuzela!!!!
June 24, 2014 11:12 AM PDT
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The Agitator is one zip-a-dee-doo-dah beat off again this week. Why was last week's show so good and. will they be able to match that awesomeness? A review of the film Meleficent. Who is going to be George Clooney's best man? Is The Agitator on the short-list? For the best man job that is! Sarah Bareillis makes an appearance on the show this week. Yes, THE Sarah Bareillis! Cha Cha may have a heart attack live (on tape/podcast) on this week's show. What are the snobbist cities in America. Based on the cities it will become clear to you which state is the snobbiest state. Speaking of states, In honor of America's Independence Day coming up - what would America be had we lost the Revolutionary War to England? Stephen Merchant will answer that question for us. Is the NRA actually saying something against guns? The AARP is scaring the crap out of Agitator. Cha Cha will tell you what code she lives by. Playing For Change gives us a Marvin Gaye classic this week. Learn where the term "Redskins" really comes from. Lots and lots more crammed into a neat hour-long package too. We appreciate you stopping in again.

Dirty Laundry Load #156 - Don't Give Up On Us Baby!
June 19, 2014 10:46 PM PDT
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Is The Agitator looking to buy a Waffle House franchise? How would he change Waffle House if he were in charge? Over hill, over dale Cha Cha and Agitator hit the wind trail (The Shawnee Wine Trail that is). Cha Cha has a heart-warming story about a penis in a pipe. The moral of the story (spoiler alert) is do not work naked (there are several professions that make that advise impossible though). Have you ever been in Phone Center Hell? If so, you will appreciate Agitator's plight. If you gave a waiter/waitress a large tip how would you feel if the place they worked for denied them your tip? This will not be news to you, unless you are new to the show, but The Agitator is an idiot! Crabs = Publics and Lobsters = Publix. The show will teach you how not to be so shellfish. Find out when it is good to just steal Chinese food. Can we give the Hall of Fame a Chubby? Can you believe Cha Cha was woken up by Guns & Roses? Is it time for a new cohost on the show? So,much more packed into an hour... Just push play already!

Dirty Laundry Load #155 - Zoo Doo Review
June 02, 2014 01:36 PM PDT
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If you ever wanted to know where to get herbivore dung this is the show for you! Unfortunatley, we're not really sure where you can get monkey poop. What is the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day in America? Did you evenr wonder why Mr. Roger wore a sweater even in the summer? We talk about a very popular film, nominated for many Academy Awards, that we thought was/is terrible. "One antic of this douchebag after another!" Cha Cha talks about Smart Guns. Is this the first gun that the NRA doesn't even like? Is The Agitator dishonest andreedy or just realistic and practical? Do you think that losing $125,000 is a security issue? How does karma work? We play a Playing For Change song that we haven't played awhile inspired to Cha Cha by her pals The Rolling Stones. Is Seattle going to get an NBA team again? Flying cars vs. self-driving cars. "Why do people become passivists Cha Cha?" Some great advise for boat owners and potential boat owners. Much, much more...

Dirty Laundry Load #154 - A Little Song a Little Dance...
May 20, 2014 04:10 PM PDT
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Simple poison cannot keep The Agitator down for long. After a week on his death bed he and Cha Cha and back. Too bad Wild Bill Hickok wasn't as tough (luckily we don't have to say that to his face). Wild Bill Hicok will be returning to his home town of Troy Grove, IL this weekend and the show might have to record on location from back in the 1800's. Minimum wage in the United States is a big topic in America right now so, of course, the show has to chime in. Are truckers hornier than the rest of us? Cha Cha tells a story that she say "is funny but not funny!" We read some of your mail again finally. What is the National Conference of State Legislatures up to? Do you need help with math? What is 9 + 1 + 1? Who is trying to ruin America and why? Let's start by keeping the people stupid. And more, more, more...

Dirty Laundry Load #153 - Can't Podcast Away From Trouble!
May 06, 2014 12:57 PM PDT
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This may very well be the last podcast as you have grown to know it; it seems The Agitator is dying... how are you? You will lear that a lot of old white men are racist. Really? Agitator talks about one of his old white ancestors was pretty racist. Right down to playing what were probably among the most racist sports in America before segregation. You may be surprised to learn what these sports are. "The people who are conclicted inside are usually the haters." Georgia is going to try some new gunlaws. Was Cha Cha afraid of Disney World as a yute? Maybe if she knew the story of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" she would have been a little less fearful. There is a real haunted mansion for sale near Kajunkles Studio. Maybe a couple of new "ghost hosts" are in the Tarot cards? Could the deal of a death-time. NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS? Is that even possible? Several television shows are talked about this week. What show has "too many people" in the cast?Can you believe that Cha Cha thinks gratuitive nudity is a problem? Vacation talk (future tense) and much, much, much more...

Dirty Laundry Podcast Load #152 - No Such Thing as a Free Lunch (even if you're a cow)!
April 29, 2014 10:57 AM PDT
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The Lost Sock is back by popular demand! He brings with him a Good and BAd Challenge. We talk about free-grazers in America (Kevin Costner would be proud). You probably already know that we're gonna talk about Cliven Bundy and the question is asked, "where in the heck does he think the flag comes from?" We can learn some great lessons from him like: "let's hide behind our women and children." Not really sure what that is what meant by "women and children first." There are no absolutes in the World we discover. We will talk about college in the U.S and A.. We think we learned a valuable lesson, "don't drink and podcast." Agitator talks too much this week. Yes, that can be a bad thing even when podcasting. The Lost Sock requests music this week from one of our favorites - Forest Sun. You will also find out how to go sailing with Forest and Ingrid in a couple of months. Is Chicago a big Epcot or visa versa? You will also find out what is the most action The Agitator has had in a long time. Much, much more but if you wanted to read you would buy a book and not be here to listen to a podcast. PUSH PLAY!

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